SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, we saw in the previous post about what a search engine is and in this post we will see about what is optimization of search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process undertaken to improve the volume of the traffic to the website and improve the quality of the traffic as well.
Now we know that the website which is indexed on search engines need to be featuring in the first few pages to drive the traffic back to the website from the search engines. Targeted keywords is an important player when it comes to optimization.
So, better the ranking of a webpage or earlier the presentation of a site in the search engine results pages (SERPS) there is a greater possibility that more searchers visit the website.

- Optimizing for the search engines involves a lot of steps or tasks which will ensure that you are featured in the SERPS and stay there
- SEO is an ongoing process which involves tracking your traffic, realigning keywords, etc
- SEO methods involve
- streamlining the HTML codes of the websites
- presentation of the website
- understanding and realigning the structure of the website to suit the spiders

- Make sure that everything there is about your website regards the search engines and is "Search Engine Friendly"

If you have got an understanding, SEO is an art and a science of making sure that your website features in the search results pages whenever a searcher uses certain keywords to search for information on search engines.
It is not a tough job and is not an easy job as well, this SEO.

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    iPhone 3G was launched in Orissa in 22 Aug by Airtel not by Vodafone.

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    Search engine optimization helps in some ways true.But the main factor why your business or service or blog should be running is your strong content and your product on the whole.Nothing can sell a bad product.But yes these techniques do help catch attention of the visitor and increase the hits.

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    Since every website owner is aware of SEO, he puts his effort to optimize his website to rank. This creates the tough competition and hence Google and other search engines are making it even more difficult to get the higher rankings for the specific keywords.

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