It is important that your website is well promoted to ensure better traffic. The better the traffic the better are your chances of ensuring authority and popularity of your blog. It is an essential component for your blog development activities and it is called blog promotion.

Blog promotion takes the super highway if it is effectively placed on social bookmarking and social media sites. We all know how important it is to be on Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon. Also, equally important is the fact that twitter serves as a better platform to ensure that your blog post or article goes viral within a short time frame.

All these can only happen when you submit your article to these sites. Most often than not you are considered a spammer if you submit only your articles to these social media sites. How to avoid this? Simple, let the articles be submitted by visitors to your blog and not you.

To make sure that the visitors submit the article to social media sites, you need to take care of a few points.

Better content:

The article that you want to get viral should have better if not best content. No one intends to promote sloppy content. It is after all their reputation of suggesting good content at stake. Here is a list of articles that help you deliver better content, how to write better content.

Easy to submit:

The articles and blog posts can be and will be submitted to the social media sites, provided the task of submission is simplified. There can be a counter or a submitting script like the one on the right incorporated on your blog.

This script to incorporate into your blog would not take much of your energy if you know a little CSS styling and HTML codes.

If you are not sure about these, fret not. You can find the script and codes to incorporate the counter to your blog. The information can be found here - Social media counter, submitting blog post to,, and Twitter.

These two points can sure get you off the ground. There sure is more to this and you need to develop being patient. After all everything takes time to make sense.

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