This is a post I wanted to write to let people know what is coming up, this blog is about earning money not just anywhere but on the internet. Even earning on the internet is possible in a lot of different ways like selling products online, selling consultations, freelancing, writing articles, etc, etc., My forte is blogging now and I am here to let you all know how well to earn money by blogging on the internet. Now, after several of my posts you would be sure as to what a blog is, whether you are ready to blog by answering a questionnaire, what topic to choose, what blog platforms are available to choose and how to go about creating a blog on blogger or wordpress. Now that you have answers for these questions and your awareness on blogging improved lets dvelve into the better part of blogging. From now on for a better part of writing posts on this blog I would give you insights into the various ways and means you can earn by blogging.

First up I want you all to see to the left column of this blog you will see something with a title "To Advertize or Monetize". This is to list the various options we have to earn money by blogging. The widgets will help bloggers and advertisers alike by helping to find a good and reliable option to choose beaming or publishing advertisements. Although I have listed the sites that help clinch a good advertising deal to bloggers or advertisers, I wont stop at that.

This blog is for people to understand the pros and cons of anything related to blogging and why would advertising stay out of this. I will have dedicated posts talking about an advertiser or a site that helps bloggers advertise on their site or blogs. Also, would have something about tracking your blog performance, visitors, traffic, etc, etc., As mentioned earlier it is an ongoing learning process where you get from blogger to better blogger to good blogger and the ultimatum id being the best.
I am learning and I am here to share my learnings with fellow bloggers and the to be bloggers(I am a humanitarian:)) so that not only dont I have the drive from within I would also have the drive from you all to give you quality posts.

The next five posts will be as follows
1. What is Search Engines and what is SEO?
2. Things to do after your first blog
3. Bettering your Blog
4. Understanding Google Analytics
5. What are links?

Although I have listed the next five posts I want to write about you will have to comeby everytime to check on this blog cause we dont know about time. You can choose to Bookmark this blog or Subscribe by email. Do feel free to comment as well, give me the motivation!!