A new inititative from me, I am Amarnath Prabhakar, I host a blog already and it is http://food-advisor.blogspot.com/

Initiative!!! get a hold buddy!!! is what some people might be thinking. Yes, I would call this an initiative because of a few reasons
1. I want to provide insights on this part of the world on the internet - The money part!!
2. There are a lot of people out there who are wanting to do something for themselves and for the people around them, they usually end up having their own blog or their own website
3. Not many people would share their experiences they have had during the course of their online journey, India is where we belong. I want to break this monotony and make this argument obsolete. I want to share my experiences.
4. I've been blogging for about seven months, where the initial three to four months went off without me understanding that earning money online on the net is a possibility. Now in the remaining months I am happy that I have earned close to about $40 through various sources
5. I want to warn people of the possible mistakes that can be committed while trying to earn money online. I've had a few pitfalls and I would want to share those with the people who are genuinely interested in earning money online.

You are free to visit my blog World Cuisines for you to understand what I have achieved through a lil hardwork and commitment. Initially I would want to talk about blogging and then I would talk in detail about the various sources through which we can have decent earnings.
So until my next post, Signing off.....